Abyss 3 conquered

Abyss 3 was recently cleared for the first time. The group originally went to Abyss 2 to collect creatures for Leinis’s studies. After assembling a few more exiles we decided to try to get to the end of Abyss 3. After some effort we were successful and found an area much like the beginning of Abyss 3 at the end of the bridge. There was a skull on a platform that gave us a message:

Demon Lord,
Welcomes thee
Into his horde.
Journey forth!
Make several trips;
Keep Master’s name
Upon thy lips.

This suggests that there is a riddle yet to be solved in the abyss. Although a few things were tried we weren’t able to find anything else at the time.

A discussion can be found here: Abyss 3 spoiler.
A visionstone can be found here: 2016.01.15_01.59.12.clMov



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