Armor Information

Iron Helmet5%0%3 iron, 1 tin
Iron Shield9%2-5%5 iron, 1 tin, 1 gold
Iron Breastplate12%6-9%6 iron, 3 tin, 1 gold
All26%9%14 iron, 5 tin, 2 gold
Bronze Helmet3%0%2 iron, 2 copper
Bronze Shield7%2-5%5 iron, 2 copper, 2 tin
Bronze Breastplate9%6-9%5 iron, 3 copper, 3 tin
All19%9%12 iron, 7 copper, 5 tin

 Armor wear levels

Repair Cost
Iron HelmetIron ShieldIron Breastplate
This x is in nearly perfect condition 0c0c0c
This x is in very good condition 27c87c225c
This x is starting to look a little worn (1st) 55c175c450c
This x is starting to look a little worn (2nd) 82c262c675c
This x is in serious need of repair 110c350c900c
This x is going to fall apart any day now 137c437c1125c
This x is no longer functional 165c525c1350c